Using Proactive Analytics to Identify Fraud


RVACFES 75 – Using Proactive Analytics to Identify Fraud  – 2 CPE –  To purchase this lecture add it to your Cart and follow the on-screen instructions …



To ensure the integrity of internal controls directed at detecting and preventing fraud, organizations of all sizes (not only the largest) now have a full range of exciting new tools to assist them in the fight. Fraud Examiners and other assurance professionals are critical to the process of identifying points of failure and heightened risk in big data, financial support systems.  The automated tools supporting the comprehensive type of analysis detailed in this lecture help find and eliminate process variation, waste and opportunities for error that may signal the possibility of fraud at critical control points throughout any company’s systems.  To do this the enterprise must first identify points of failure and risk.  Once the root causes and scope of the situations identified by proactive analytics are known, a solution can be implemented that provides the people, processes and technology to detect and prevent irregularities of all kinds from future repetition.

120 minutes of self  study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of  130 minutes.

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