The Politics of Taxation – Who Gets Taxed


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This is a lecture on tax definition and on the politics of taxation addressed to auditors, CPA’s and Fraud Examiners, in short, to the tax generalist. As anyone knows who has been reading the newspapers on the  Obama administration’s tax policy, the subject, which must have been of concern as far back as the time when taxes were first introduced in human affairs, is a difficult one. In any modern society the principles for judging tax fairness and equity will necessarily be applied to a tax system that is formidably complex and inaccessible. There is, however, a level of judgment that the Fraud Examiner or CPA can bring to bear on these matters to accompany her mastery of the technical details of the tax system at any given time. Our effort will be to map the main issues involved in tax politics rather than to argue their merits.

110 minutes of self study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of 110 minutes.

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The Politics of Taxation

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