The Legal Liability of Accountants & Auditors


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Accountants and auditors are being sued as never before. Damage claims of hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid by CPA firms and their insurers. Professional liability insurance is becoming ever more expensive and harder to obtain. The Arthur Anderson CPA firm declared bankruptcy under the pressure of just such claims. Doubtless, the sub-prime mortgage melt down will prove yet another battleground for a profession which seems increasingly under investor scrutiny even as its Standards are rewritten under SEC oversight. This lecture is a good general introduction to the issues involved in the professional liability of accountants and auditors as the profession moves forward in increasingly troubled times. It describes relevant law, the role and activities of the SEC, and presents the forms used in securities filings and their purpose. It specifies the civil and criminal liability provisions of the Securities Acts and compares civil liability to common law while citing a number relevant cases for clarification of issues and presentation of historical context.

180 minutes of self study plus  20 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of 200 minutes.

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The Legal Liability of Accountants & Auditors

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