The Forensic Accountant in Support of Mergers & Acquisitions


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In the United States and worldwide in the past year, there have been recurrent waves of corporate acquisitions and mergers. In fact, in the period from 2010 to 2014, given a somewhat different attitude by the  Department of Justice about combinations, increasing globalization, the prevalence of more business failures or bankruptcies, and competitive pressures, there has been a new surge of take-over bids and friendly corporate marriages. This trend continues apace and the Forensic Accountant is frequently called upon to lend her expertise in setting a price for her client’s acquisition or take over candidate. This lecture presents the basics in determining a realistic valuation and in development of alternative financial approaches to the structuring of the merger or acquisition deal itself. This type of assignment is one that the practitioner new to Forensic Accounting often finds particularly challenging in that the processes required to set up the assignment can be complex and multi-sided. This is a flexible how-to guide to aid the practitioner in setting up and managing this type of engagement right through to the format of the her final report.

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The Forensic Accountant in Support of Mergers & Acquisitions

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