The Auditor Confronts Violence in the Workplace


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All across America and all over the world the tide of institutional and workplace violence is inexorably rising. It seems that hardly a day goes by when auditors and their organizations are not confronted with headlines announcing yet another Virginia Tech or Columbine tragedy with all the accompanying human and economic suffering such seemingly senseless events entail.

As key members of the management team, auditors and other security professionals are uniquely charged with responsibility for helping to keep our organizations, fellow employees and clients secure. Every student, employee and client entering our respective corporate, educational and governmental communities has a right to feel safe and secure while doing so. This lecture focuses on specific actions that can be taken, right now, at all levels of our organizations to ensure a prepared management and workforce in the event of emergency or catastrophe. As auditors and security professionals we are engaged in Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery Planning on a routine basis. We have an equally vital role to play in response to the problem of institutional violence through the preparation of security, response and trauma playing and the response training of our workforce at all levels. This lecture is an attempt to present a hands on approach to the issue of dealing with the multi-faceted issue institutional violence, focusing on the identification of potential perpetrators and the structuring of appropriate organizational and individual response.

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The Auditor Confronts Violence in the Workplace

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