The Auditor as Expert Witness


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A critical role for all forensic accountants and fraud examiners is that of appearing as an expert witness in depositions and in court. The likelihood is quite high that individual auditors of all kinds will be called upon to testify in court at some point in their careers. This lecture focuses on the role of the expert witness as a key player on the litigation team and presents a good introduction to the professional requirements involved in getting accepted as a expert witness or consultant expert by the court. There’s a big difference between giving an opinion as an expert witness and giving an opinion as an auditor in an audit related situation. You must be able to objectively analyze other expert’s reports and to prepare and present financially related information in a manner understandable to non- accountants. The fact that virtually all your work is discover-able is an example of the cautions for the new expert witness contained in the lecture.

In addition, the lecture contains tips on the do’s and don’ts associated with being an effective witness no matter whether you are appearing in support of the plaintiff of the defense.

100 minutes of self study plus 10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of 110 minutes.

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The Auditor as Expert Witness

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