The Audit of Retirement Plans


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It seems that one has only to open a newspaper today to find another article in the business section about companies large and small downsizing or eliminating the retirement plans of their retired workers. Since many of these plans were instituted as a result of collective bargaining and often created as an additional way to compensate, attract and retain a qualified workforce, company decisions reducing or eliminating plans are controversial and have spawned lawsuit after lawsuit. Forensic Accountants and auditors have a crucial role to play not only in assisting with proper controls over management of a well run plan but in representing management or labor in the event of litigation. This lecture focuses on the various types of management initiated retirement plans and the problems involved in auditing them. Given the complexity of such programs, auditors specializing in the analysis and control of retirement plans are among the most highly compensated in industry today.

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The Forensic Accountant – The Audit of Retirement Plans

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