Tax Avoidance or Tax Fraud


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When does an aggressive program of tax avoidance shade over into a program of tax fraud? Elaborate schemes of tax avoidance featuring the use of off-shore bank accounts, shell corporations and confusing transfers  of funds were a prominent feature of the 1990’s tax landscape. The challenge  for the taxing authorities of the developed world is to keep up with the every increasing sophistication of these types of schemes while developing methods to investigate and prosecute them. This lecture presents a number of case histories of individuals and corporations who pushed tax avoidance to the limit…some have been successfully prosecuted and some walked free. Are they guilty only of aggressive tax avoidance or of tax fraud…you be the judge.

110 minutes of self  study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of  120 minutes.

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Tax Avoidance or Tax Fraud

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