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Each year our Chapter updates its lecture on ethics to meet the CPE requirement of national ACFE.

Since the philosopher Aristotle conceived of ethics as the extension of politics to the realm of the individual citizen some twenty-five hundred years ago, the concept of moral conduct and its corollary how to live the good life has been defined and re-defined continuously across the intervening ages. Fraud Examiners and other assurance professionals are confronted with an especially challenging ethical environment as we move into 2016. Change is constant. New products, applications, platforms, services and business models emerge all the time and the CFE’s world is steeped in standards, rules, regulations and leading practices, with ethics an overarching concept conditioning everything we do. A constant of our world is that no-one can fully control the ethically challenged nor their ever-changing selected means of self-indulgence. In the final analysis, only evolution of our core understanding of why individual humans indulge in such self-destructive acts can yield tomorrow’s approaches to fraud investigation and prevention and, hence, to the future of our profession within the context of an ever evolving approach to ethical practice.

120 minutes of self  study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of  130 minutes. 

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