Property & Liability Insurance for Fraud Examiners


RVACFES 47 – Property & Liability Insurance for Fraud Examiners & Auditors – 2 CPE –  To purchase this lecture add it to your Cart and follow the on-screen instructions …



Whether you are analyzing the operations of a client, investigating a fraud or setting up your own practice, a basic knowledge of the mechanics of insurance is essential for any practicing auditor or Fraud Examiner. As fraud practitioners we are constantly confronted with situations involving property and liability insurance claims and coverage. In the wake of a fraud,  it is often only the insurance coverage standing between your client and ruin. It is important that all of us advising legal counsel and our clients assess the impact of policies that are often quite complex and which can, at times, even furnish the motivation for various crimes (if insurance fraud is involved). This lecture presents the basic concepts underlying the theory of insurance and comes with a useful glossary of terms and definitions prepared with the forensic accountant, auditor and fraud examiner in mind. If you are setting up your own practice, this lecture will give you a leg up on the type liability coverage you will need.

100 minutes of self study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of 110 minutes.

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Property & Liability Insurance for Fraud Examiners

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