Ethics for Forensic Accountants & Auditors


RVACFES 50 – A Consideration of Ethics for Forensic Accountants & Auditors – 2 CPE –  To purchase this lecture add it to your Cart and follow the on-screen instructions …



In the wake of the Enron, Worldcom and more recent Wall Street banking scandals has come Sarbanes Oxley and a wave of related legislation devoted to raising the bar on corporate governance. Sarbanes Oxley requires that every listed company implement and maintain a Code of Ethical Conduct. Its critical for Forensic Accountants, Fraud Examiners and auditors of all kinds to have a grasp on the ethical climate of clients organizations. This lecture provides an overview of the ethical thought of the West as that thought has been applied to practical ethical problems of business practice and of the workplace. The lecture concludes with a content outline for a Code of Ethical Conduct developed according to the concepts presented in the body of the lecture. The Institute of Internal Auditors, the AICPA and the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners now require CPE hours in ethics to maintain certification.

100 minutes of self study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of 110 minutes.

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Ethics for Forensic Accountants & Auditors

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