An Effective E-Mail Security Policy


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Corporate e-mail systems are so pervasive that there is a temptation to take them for granted; and yet the security and privacy issues surrounding such systems are surprisingly complex. An uncontrolled system can  lead to costly lawsuits by employees and by those they send unwanted content. Corporations  have collectively spent millions to settle sexual harassment and other types of actions as a result of improper use of e-mail by employees. An equal amount of financial damage is caused by mailings that bring down whole servers, effectively making host LAN unavailable for hours and sometimes days. This lecture presents everything you need to look like a hero to your boss by proposing and implementing a security policy to control your company’s ever growing volume of e-mail.

110 minutes of self  study plus  10 minutes to answer 10 questions for a total of  120 minutes.

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An Effective E-Mail Security Policy

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