Concurrent Systems Development


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Concurrent Systems Development is a process by which information systems are rapidly  developed in a user-oriented fashion through multiple iterations. The classic user lament about a new system is that it  may  be exactly what the  user  asked  for,  but  is  not  what  the  user  needs.  The Concurrent Development approach tries to overcome  this problem in a  number  of  ways.  It  takes  into consideration that the  final  product  may  bear  only  a  passing  resemblance to the initial request, and that the definition of  what is  needed  develops over time.  As users see each iteration of the system, their own  vision  of  the problems and the solutions become  clearer.  Furthermore,  it  is the  capability to produce a new iteration of  the  system  quickly  (in  days  rather  than months)  that  makes  the Concurrent Development  approach  effective.  Finally,  by  combining  these factors,  a  high-energy,  responsive  approach  to  systems  development is realized.

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Concurrent Systems Development

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